MBL Recycling MBL Recycling opened its state of the art material recovery facility in Palatine in 2005. Since then over a million tons of material have been recovered and returned to the global marketplace. Our automated processing plant has positioned MBL Recycling for a major breakthrough in increasing the statewide recycling rate. MBL Recycling is dedicated to maximizing all opportunities for its customers to enjoy the best service possible while reducing their environmental impact.

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Drive in Service Drive in Service
Haulers pull in to our C&D Processing Facility on S. Hicks Road. The load is weighed.

Haulers Off Load Haulers Off Load
Haulers pull into our all weather facility to dump their C&D load to start the process.

Automated Sorting Automated Sorting
C&D debris is lifted into the automated separation and sorting conveyer where the debris is sifted and sorted of recyclable materials. Hand separation is also a part of the process to thoroughly recover.

Recyclable Materials Recyclable Materials
The recyclable materials are source separated for easy transport to a reuse facility while the minimal amount of clean un-recyclable materials is taken to landfill. 75% (on average) of each new construction container is reclaimed for recycling.

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